Providing scholarly challenges for young intellectual elites

We offer a wide range of high quality of teaching and extra-curricular activities.


Bright and Gifted is an accredited institution which provides high quality educational experiences for above-average students who are searching for intensive academic improvement and skill advancements.

We constantly seek for enrollment pupils with high intellectual prospects and excellent academic records for their further creative outbursts and improvement in our Cameroon based center. With our carefully designed courses and lectures, our aim is to provide scholarly challenges for these young intellectual elites by helping them reach their untapped potential and achieve a stronger academic record.


Our classes are motivational-based, and every student that has a clear highbrow academic record also has the possibility to intellectually surpass his previous level and strive for new challenges and mental endeavors, provided with the proper challenges. We believe that every pupil who crosses our doorway has an untapped fountain of creativity and potential not yet revealed.

  • Networking – Students have the pleasure of meeting people from all backgrounds;

  • Career development – Our teachers, instructors, and assistants promote experiences that support the students’ career development;

  • Confidence – The Bright and Gifted Summer School encourages its attendants to be open to criticism and feedback without losing their faith in their own ability to improve.

With our two week courses and with our committed team of tutors, we ensure that upon graduation the students development and improvement of creative thinking, research, and problem solving have been thoroughly expanded, and that they also continue to grow into life-long learners, with better experiences and skills that can contribute their communities.


Our unique curriculum is created to suit the superior needs and capabilities of our students, and to get the most out of their learning experience within the Bright and Gifted Center. From reading and writing, to mathematics, logical thinking and social skills, our enrolled intellectual elites benefit from the most advanced learning techniques taught by our team of dedicated instructors.

Our students rise to new levels of reading and writing with our unique class-teaching methodology. Attaining superior levels of literacy, numeracy, and basic scientific knowledge is imperative for the successful participation of our students in the rest of our curriculum’s structure.

A superior comprehension of mathematics represents a fundamental trait for improved cognitive processes. Bright and Gifted students will boost their calculation skills, improve their problem-solving abilities, sharpen their observance and strengthen their logical thinking throughout the course of our program.

By constantly building knowledge about the world and the universe, students are prepared for a successful participation in all aspects of contemporary society and its corresponding digital revolution. Scientific knowledge allows pupils to develop new ideas, solve practical problems, and make better, informed decisions in society.

Developing an unbiased, rational and skeptical evaluation of facts is crucial in the development of superior academic skills. Our instructors focus on teaching the students a disciplined thinking attitude, rational, open-minded, and exclusively informed by evidence, encouraging them to recognize errors and biases with a reflective skepticism.

The ability to communicate effectively is indispensable for the future social and professional development of our Bright and Gifted students. Effectively knowing how to convey and receive messages in a clear and concise manner is a skill that is thoroughly emphasized within our courses.

Bright and Gifted students will benefit from an advanced set of learning techniques taught by our instructors. Stimulated by a positive learning environment, contextual learning, and driven by a singular aim – to get better results – students will learn in a time efficient and stimulating manner.

No two people are alike, but diversity is the key to a better, evolved society. Bright and Gifted students learn about social tolerance within our courses, while having a critical open-mind stance on various viewpoints and alternative perspectives.




For the Summer Program, the Bright and Gifted Centre offers accommodation for residential students enrolled in our classes.

The campus facilities include a variety of recreational activities for its students to expand the learning that takes place outside the classrooms. These activities are intended and designed to provide the pupils with community building skills, energy boosting activities and further interpersonal development that happen throughout the course of the program.

Health and security services are provided in the campus. For more information on this topic, please contact the Bright and Gifted registry.

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