For admittance eligibility, applicants must meet the centre’s academic selection criteria

To be considered for enrollment, students must either:

– Present a score of at least 90% or above on a nationally accredited academic achievement test and a valid grade sheet that accurately showcases their capabilities;

– Score a 90 percentile or above* in the Bright and Gifted assessment tests;

– Be recommended by a school official, licensed teacher, or an educational association official (who may not be one of the student’s parents), by submitting a letter of recommendation based upon a full year of the student’s outstanding performances in a core subject area (i.e. mathematics, logic, verbal reasoning) through our Talent Search program.

*Being gifted is more than a number branded on an IQ sheet of paper test. Some students may not be able to attain a 90 percentile or above on our assessment tests, but excel with other talents and abilities that they will use to make commendable contributions to the world around them. Based on this fact, we will also take other factors into consideration in addition to the assessment tests for students who, given the right stretching and enrichment, are willing to apply themselves to our Bright and Gifted Cameroon centers.

Admission procedure

Students can apply directly for the Bright and Gifted classes by filling the application form (download link below), by being recommended through our Talent Search Program and by undertaking the Bright and Gifted assessment tests.

After the students have filled and filed the Bright and Gifted Application Form and have satisfied the required eligibility criteria, have paid the registry fees, and undertaken the assessment test, the academic selective screening process will proceed.

Assessment Test

The Bright and Gifted assessment tests will be scheduled for Cameroon applicants who are willing for enrollment in our centers, and for students recommended through our Talent Search program. Applicants have the opportunity to take the Bright and Gifted Aptitude Test (BGAT), indicating their outstanding mathematical, logical, verbal and written abilities, as well as provide evidence of their superior abilities in a particular area of knowledge or academic specialty. Assessment dates and times can be found in our Bright and Gifted centers around the country, and no preparations or revisions are required.

Each application will be reviewed holistically by our team of instructors. If the candidate is successful, and is identified as meeting the necessary Bright and Gifted intellectual and gifted criteria, the student will be admitted into one of our classes around the country best fit for his intellectual capacities and age. These enhanced classes will cover areas that normally would not be studied until university, and students will also have the opportunity to socialize, brainstorm and network with other intellectual peers.


Financial aid is available for high-achieving students who lack financial possibilities.

Scholarships are limited for each enrollment and are awarded only for students who stand out exceptionally for their academic abilities and achievements. Each scholarship will cover the student’s tuition, course materials and required fees. To apply for a scholarship, please fill out the application form. For more information, please contact the Bright and Gifted registry.

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