A unique curriculum created for the superior needs and capabilities of our students

From reading and writing, to mathematics, logical thinking and social skills, our enrolled intellectual elites benefit from the most advanced learning techniques taught in our programs by our team of dedicated instructors.

Shine (pupils aged 8-12)

The Bright and Gifted Shine program is intended for students with ages ranging from eight to twelve years. This program offers a variety of intellectual enrichment activities for above-average young Cameroon pupils with a high-achieving intellectual prospect.

The classes are intended to develop the students critical thinking skills, to help them gain a deeper understanding of their outstanding potential and creativity, and to test their skills and abilities according to their academic potential.

Gifted pupils enrolled in the Shine Program will benefit with above-level grade testing, creative thinking contests which are both fun and educational, and also gain access to our library and various intellectual activities and opportunities. Enrolling in the Shine Program also gives students the possibility of becoming part of the young community of gifted peers who celebrate superior learning and achievements.

Glow (pupils aged 10-16)

Our Glow program offers enrollments for pupils with ages from ten to sixteen. The courses taught in this program are meant to help the students find their strengths and develop their interests and special abilities for the next steps they undertake in their education. Participants in the course learn about their intellectual capacities and vocations, as well as their strengths and weaknesses in different academic domains.

Our counselors and instructors help the enrolled gifted pupils to develop their abilities and choose their future paths through educational guidance, by gaining access to specialized publications and various learning resources, and also by providing challenges best fit to their naturally-endowed abilities.

Luminary (pupils aged 14-18)

Older students, starting from the age of fourteen and capped at eighteen, are eligible for enrollment in our Bright and Gifted Luminary Program. This program is solely intended for advanced students who are intellectually mature and are capable of greater challenges. In the Bright and Gifted Luminary program, pupils will be also provided with educational counseling for their academic future endeavors in higher education institutions, both national and abroad, and will be subjected to challenges best fit for their skills and traits.

The Luminary courses focus on intense, above-level challenges for the elite pupils, and are strongly focused on their preparation and guidance for their professional qualifications and future professional status.

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