Students experience University life, choose from a variety of academic courses, and have fun making new friends.

An innovative campus

The Summer School Program runs for one week for primary school students and two weeks for secondary school students. This gives children the opportunity to form a community of intellectually gifted peers, experience different academic domains and creative vocational options, and overall celebrate superior learning in a fun and practical way.

Students will make new friends alike in a dynamic an innovative campus, focused on achieving greater results, with committed instructors sharing a unique educational philosophy for challenging young people to achieve their best intellectual potential and contribute to a more vigorous development of society.

Enriched program

Bright and Gifted students will take University style and career based courses in the areas that they best aspire to.

Our courses are designed with special practices and learning procedures for our gifted pupils to get the most out of their accelerated and enriched instruction, and to perform at higher levels of accomplishment.

Career development

Within our Summer School Program, students get a unique experience in career areas that interests them. Our teachers, instructors, and assistants promote experiences that support the students’ career development and help them make the best choice for their future academic endeavors.

With our vocational training, pupils work good habits, a sense of responsibility, better language proficiency, and effective interpersonal relationships, cultivating many other skills required by employers and immersing themselves in career exploration.


Bright and Gifted Summer School students will have the pleasure of meeting people from all backgrounds across the country and discuss their shared interests in technology, science, sports, etc. Brainstorming and inter-disciplinary projects are strongly encouraged within the school.

Students may team up with their intellectual peers and keep in touch with one another after the program has ended. The Bright and Gifted team strongly encourages and motivates students to form a young active scientific and creative community around the country.

Study in a fun and motivating way

Who says learning has to be boring? The Bright and Gifted Summer School is where entertainment meets academia. Pupils enrolled in our program, besides making new friends, will play games, where their cognitive abilities will be constantly challenged.

Our team of instructors put a special emphasis on students being motivated for achieving greater results and fully unlocking their academic potential.

Boost Confidence

Getting challenged and motivated to be at their best will significantly boost student’s confidence to succeed in school and in their chosen career.

The Bright and Gifted Summer School encourages its attendants to believe in their naturally endowed superior intellectual abilities, to be open to criticism and feedback without losing their faith in their own ability to improve, and to get to better know their inner strengths and abilities and be open to new ideas and challenges.

Play Smart

Our Summer School provides a wide range of activities that students can choose from, which could include drama, reading, poetry, chess, debates, etc. Learning by playing is fundamental in the accelerated learning techniques our students will be benefiting from within our program.

Through games and ‘playing smart’, our pupils develop new social and cognitive skills, mature emotional intelligence, and boost the self-confidence required in their future engagements with new challenges, experiences, and social environments.


We encourage students to apply as early as possible to give our officers additional processing time. Unless full information is provided from the applicant, the application will not be processed. Before submitting your application with Bright and Gifted, please check you have filled out all the necessary fields of information and are qualified as eligible for the program. Students opting for the Bright and Gifted Summer School Program have two options for registering: Day and Residential.

– Day students attend the classes at the scheduled times and at their own accommodation. They will provide their own housing and meals. It is preferred that Residential students bring their packed lunch, or buy the lunch provided in the campus shop by Bright and Gifted;

– For Residential students, meals and accommodations will be arranged for in one of our Bright and Gifted Centres with all the pre-arranged facilities. More details will be included in the student’s admission package.

After they have applied and have been screened for their academic potential (Eligibility), the Bright and Gifted students will be supervised and provided educational guidance within the Bright and Gifted Summer School classes for the most fruitful learning experience they can achieve in their activities by one or two of our class attending teachers and assistants during a period of one or two weeks.

All students should bring general class materials for the activities they will be undertaking with our instructors (paper, notebooks, and pencils). Also, students are responsible for their personal items, and Bright and Gifted cannot be held responsible for losses or damages. Basic Health and Security services are also provided within our campus.

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