Bright and Gifted Centers seek the assistance of schools all around the country in order to identify the academically talented, qualified and highly motivated students that meet our program. School officials and licensed teachers around the country are strongly encouraged to submit recommendation forms (download link) for their gifted class pupils that require extra challenges and motivating courses fit for their superior abilities.

To be eligible to the Talent Search criteria, school professionals must submit recommendations for pupils who present one or more of the following characteristics:

– An outstanding skill in mathematical or verbal reasoning;

– Evidence of a notable achievement at a regional or national level competition;

– Excellent written and spoken vocabulary;

– An extraordinary interest in one or more particular areas of knowledge;

– Original imagination and creative spirit;

Our classes are designed to provide a sharpened academic stimulation and the opportunity to meet other intellectually gifted young people with similar interests. All students recommended through our Talent Search Program must first take an assessment to confirm their intellectual eligibility for Bright and Gifted.

For recommended primary students, the assessment will consist of:

– An abstract reasoning test, in which the pupil’s non-verbal logical aptitudes are measured;

– A verbal reasoning test, in which the child’s ability with words and numbers are measured;

For post-primary students, the assessment will consist of:

– A mathematical reasoning test in which the student’s rational thinking will be put to the test;

– A verbal reasoning test in which the student’s written and spoken skills are tested;

After the prospect pupils have been screened, and a full assessment of their talents and skills has been undertook by our team of professionals, they may proceed to be accepted and enrolled into one of our elite classes from around the country, and meet other intellectually peers alike.

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